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The Korean Society for Parasitology and Tropical Medicine

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Greetings from the President

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It is an honor and a privilege to serve the Korean Society for Parasitology as the president and carry on the legacy that continued for almost half a century. I will do my best with the utmost efforts to serve and nurture the Korean Society for Parasitology with a single goal in mind : a prosperous future of the society.

The Korean Society of Parasitology was established on 1959 and it worked to contribute to eradicate soil - transmitted helminthes in Korea. This achievement is a significant model of mass management project for parasitic infections globally. As one of the NGOs, KSP members participate in parasite control projects in the developing countries.

Our society holds a firm and a stable Council - at - Large, which sustains its pivotal roles with excellent collaboration. Major issues will be dealt with by the Council - at - Large in depth. I am opened to hear from all the members of our society and do my best to build a big consensus on the issues presented by the society. Please feel free to give your idea, concerns and any other matters you may wish to express.

In order to reinforce the capability of KSP, a broader base of its members is necessary. We should put together our resources to recruit new members. We will create a favorable environment and strengthen the collaborative exchange, as well as reciprocal cooperation with scholars in the related academic fields.

The Korean Journal of Parasitology has been indexed in ‘Journal Citation Report’, which may promote increase of manuscript submission and citation frequency of papers in this journal. KJP is standing up straight with its authorized prestige and has the potential to develop further, with greater impact. We will timely set up and run an effective strategy to push up KJP to a SCI - core journal. You are recognized as an outstanding scholar. As such, you are cordially invited to submit your precious manuscripts to KJP. When we put forth our demanding concentration and continuous efforts, we can certainly reach our goal.

Novenber 7th, 2011 Sung - Jong Hong President of the Korean Society of Parasitology