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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1988;10(1): 75-85.
석탄광업 근로자의 이환율 및 의료이용
이경용, 정호근
Morbidity rate and health care utilization in coal miners
Kyung Yong Rhee, Ho Keun Chung
In order to investigate healthy worker effect in morbidity rate and health care utilization of coal miners, the author surveyed morbidity rate of coal miners, iron miners and cement manufacturing workers as comparison groups from April to May in 1986. Structured questionnaire interview was used by medical student as well trained interviewer for survey. Subject of this study was sampled randomly, and sample size was 1,825 workers totally; 632 coal miners, 265 iron miners, 928 manufacturing workers. The major findings were as follows: 1) After adjusting general characteristics, morbidity rate of coal miners was higher than that of other two groups(coal miners: 59%, iron miners: 49%, manufacturing workers: 25%). 2) After adjusting general characteristics, unmet need rate of coal miners was higher than that of other two groups(coal miners: 65%, iron miners: 50%, manufacturing workers: 46%). 3) Distribution of respondent by reason for non-visit to health care facilities in each groups were different. Major two reasons in each group were follows: not severe(51.3%) and poor(13.9%) in coal miners, not severe(84.6%) and busy(4.6%) in iron miners, not severe(82.9%) and busy(2.7%) in manufacturing workers. 4) There was no healthy worker effect in morbidity rate of coal miners and iron miners, but in manufacturing workers healthy worker effect was controversial because of morbidity rate of general population. 5) Number of visit to hospital and clinic within two weeks per worker was 0.296 in coal miners and in iron miners that was 0.328, and in manufacturing workers that was 0.164. 6) Patterns of health care utilization in each group were very similar. Drug store was most accessible health care facility because of its geographical accessibility and health care cost. And hospital and clinic were also available health care facilities because of health insurance.


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