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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1987;9(2): 205-216.
신체적 요인과 산업재해의 발생에 관한 연구
김용준, 김일순, 서일, 전기홍
Physical characteristics of workers and industrial accidents
Yong Joon Kim, Il Soon Kim, Il Suh, Kee Hong Chun
To investigate the relationship between physical characteristics of workers and industrial accidents, a case-control study was carried out using matched samples of 281 injured workers and 843 non-injured workers. Age, types of work and duration of employment were matched, and their physical characteristics at the time of employment were analzed. Results were summarized below; 1) Physical characteristics such as hearing ability, body weight, and visual acuity in the injured group were significantly lower than those in control group whereas measurements of blood pressure, hemoglobin, and urinalysis and color blindness showed no differences in two groups. 2) The relative risks of physical characteristics for industrial accidents, expressed in terms of odds ratios, were 13.2 for hearing loss, 1.8 for impairment of visual acuity and 1.6 for underweight. 3) Hearing ability, body weight, and visual acuity were selected as significant factors influencing industrial accidents based on log-linear model. Odds ratio from logistic regression analysis were 3.6 for hearing loss. 1.3 for underweight, 1.2 for the impairment of visual acuity. Since physical characteristics such as hearing impairement. underweight, and impairement of visual acuity were shown to increases industrial accident risk, the workers with these problems revealed at employment or periodic health examination should be assigned to the job which is more suitable for their physical fitness. Especially, those of who have hearing impairment should be closely supervised in order to prevent industrial accident since it was identified as the most significant risk factor among the three.


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