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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1987;9(2): 228-235.
청장년기 남녀 혈압에 대한 연령, 출생코호트 및 비만도의 효과
박정일, 이원철, 맹광호
The effects of age, birth cohort and body mass index on blood pressure in Korean young adults
Chung Yill Park, Won Chul Lee, Kwang Ho Meng
This study used longitudinal data of 1,348 men and 1,115 women who were employed in financial businesses and followed up for more than 5 years by the Catholic Industrial Medical Center, Catholic University Medical College from 1964 to 1986 to investigate whether there are differences in blood pressure and body mass index among different birth cohorts and whether blood pressure is associated with age and body mass index in each birth cohort. Subjects were classified into 5 birth cohorts in males (1940-44, 1945-49, 1950-54, 1955-59, 1960-64) and into 3 birth cohorts in females (1954-54, 1955-59, 1960-64). An association between systolic blood pressure and age was shown in 3 birth cohorts (1960-64 cohort in males, 1955-59, 1960-64 cohort in females) and the association between diastolic blood pressure and age was shown in 3 birth cohorts (1955-59, 1960-64 cohort in males, 1960-64 cohort in females). The association between body mass index and age was statistically significant in all 5 cohorts in males. In females, it showed U shape (decreased until 24 yrs old and after that it increased) in all 3 cohorts. The mean blood pressure of each birth cohort was not statistically different among different birth cohorts but mean body mass index showed increasing trends as years go by. Stepwise multiple regression demonstrated that age and body mass index were explaining less than 5% of total variance of systolic blood pressure (and diastolic pressure) in males and females.


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